46 New Vape Flavors


If there’s anything bros like these days, it’s VAPES. Whether it be talkin about vapes, buildin vapes, mixin up sick new vape flaves, or just plain ol’ puffin on a hot vape, it is the sensation that feeds a nation !!! Yes it’s cool to be a vaperboy- sure, we all want to!- but what does the future hold for nummy clouds to puff? Check out our ideas for tha sweetest new flaves for all you vapists!

  1. Strawberry
  2. Ruppercorn Crisp
  3. Snackjack Daddy
  4. Buckey O’Popcorn
  5. Twizzler Sizzler
  6. Buttery Waffle
  7. Belgium’s Waffle
  8. Blue Waffle
  9. Daddy’s Steakhouse
  10. Nothin But Peanuts!
  11. Salted Cornflakes
  12. Yes You Can Vape Cum
  13. Razzleberry Deeee-lite
  14. Freebasing Legos
  15. Pikachu’s Nightmares
  16. Stunky b-Hole
  17. Dick Vitale’s Slick White Owl
  18. Grapey
  19. 400 Virgins
  20. Catgut
  21. Jezebellez Perfume
  22. Chicken Fried Dumpster Pizza
  23. Who Got Da JAGER?
  24. Fish Flavor
  25. Tug Boat Gin
  26. The Cuckold’s Tankard
  27. Raspy Pootin’
  28. Spicy Tuna Roll
  29. Route 69
  30. Baby’s First Cloudz
  31. Chamomile Ginger Rooibos
  32. Racist Radish
  33. Internet Fantasy
  34. blue
  35. Itchy Trigger Fingee
  36.  Big Bad Voodoo Jazzy
  37. Livers & Onions & Gushers
  38. Scandalous Mommyblogger
  39. Sweet Iced Tea
  40. Suckin On Chili Dawgz
  41. Black Pepper & Licorice
  42. Grandmother’s Corpse
  43. Kangaroo Krush
  45. Demonic Morningbreath
  46. Pussy

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