Iron Kiwi: Part 3 (A Steven Adams-Nick Collison Fanfiction)



This is part 3 of a Steven Adams-Nick Collison fanfiction series. The previous installment can be found here.


“Damnit, old man, I don’t care what time it is,” Steven barked into the phone. “I need three jet skis ready for me in twenty minutes. The country is depending on you, and I’m depending on you, so get your bum down there, ya ol’ geezer!”


Steven hung up and angrily threw his phone onto the king-sized bed. Nick and Cameron avoided eye contact, standing awkwardly at the other end of the room.


“I’m sorry those jewels got stolen, Steve. I don’t think there’s anything we could do, though,” Cam reluctantly offered.


“There is something we can do. Hand me that bag, mate” Steven commanded, pointing at a large black duffel bag stowed on a shelf in the tiny hotel closet. Cam did so without question. He struggled at first because the bag was far heavier than he’d anticipated, then swung it by the strap and launched it at Steven.


“What are you doing lugging around a bag of cement like that? Geez, that’s heavy!” Cam said.


Steven ignored the comment and zipped the bag open, pulling the contents out and laying them on top of the bed. There were several black garments, a metal toolbox, and a crossbow with a clutch of arrows.


“Put these on,” he directed, tossing sleek black wetsuits to Nick and Cam. They looked at each other, and before either one could protest, noticed Steven frantically changing into his. “We’re gonna get wet, boys.”


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Iron Kiwi: Part 2 (A Steven Adams-Nick Collison Fanfiction)



This is part 2 of a Steven Adams/Nick Collison fan-fiction series. The first installment can be found here.


“You sure look mint in that suit, mate,” Steven said as he looked in the mirror, adjusting his tie.


“Thanks, man. Not too often we get to dress up,” Nick replied.


“I was talking to myself, but you don’t look so dodgy either,” Steven said with a smile, flashing a friendly wink. He turned away from the mirror to face Nick. His long hair was pulled back tightly into a bun, and even with his thick mustache and coarse beard, the sleek black suit he wore gave him an unusual elegance. “Come on now, we’ve gotta make our grand entrance.”


They slowly walked across the violet-tinted carpet that lined a long hallway. Colorful potted flowers and gilded light fixtures accentuated the gaudily-patterned wallpaper.

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