Iron Kiwi: Part 1 (A Steven Adams/Nick Collison Fanfiction)



Emerald water rippled viciously around a white cigarette boat as it cut through the surface like a steak knife through lime gelatin. Although the sun was unobscured, hanging golden and vibrant in the southern sky, the seawater was cool as a post-game ice bath. Jets of frothy saltwater splashed onto the men’s faces, blotting their dark sunglasses as they drove through the deep water of the harbour.


“I knew it would be beautiful here, but never imagined like this. Did you take it for granted when you were younger?” Nick asked, leaning his head back to soak up the warmth of the sun.


“Never, mate. We knew we were blessed growing up, mum wouldn’t let us forget,” Steven shouted over the groan of the motor. His long hair whipped behind his shoulders in the wind, curly brown trestles wet from the briny water of the Hauraki Gulf. He seemed lost in thought as he effortlessly piloted the boat, cooly steering the ship while never looking back.

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